Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Under the guidance of the denominational Outreach Committee in conjunction with the calling consistory, the vision of the FRC US Urban Missions, with God’s blessing, is to be a Reformed Christian witness and church planting ministry.


To bring a Biblical Christian witness by seeking to preach the gospel to the rich and poor, and the young and old in the community the Lord opens up to us (Mark 16:5). 

This Christian witness, also in submission to the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards, is to be brought primarily to the numerous Korean American people in the New Jersey – New York area. 

The goal of this ministry is to develop a Bible –based church plant in this area to God’s glory, the salvation of sinners and the upbuilding of His church.

Strategic Goals

Develop and engage with relationships among the Korean American people in the area using support from known and recommended contacts in order to further develop a Biblical Confessional witness in the area.

Based on these efforts, work towards developing a group or groups dedicated to the Bible-based Christian faith with the goal of initiating a local church.

  • Preaching
  • Working side by side one day a week with other local pastors (Rev. Serafini)